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Hi-Def Interaction & Insights at the Speed of Digital

HireVue is making business personal again through video, mobile & social enriched workplace interactions. Our talent interaction platform lets people tell their story and demonstrate their talents, enabling high-touch collaboration and insights – all at the speed, quality and consistency of digital. 

It's a more meaningful way of connecting people with the organizations and positions that fit them best.  Finally, more candidates can tell their story and demonstrate their talents, in a more personalized, fair and convenient way. It’s more objective, consistent and data-driven – and a whole lot faster and easier, too.

HireVue’s Talent Interaction Platform augments existing applicant tracking, talent management and social applications, accelerating productivity and decision-making by delivering high-definition clarity into people’s character, cultural fit, personality, and potential.  The platform includes HireVue’s flagship digital screening and live interviewing capabilities, as well as new solutions for sourcing, skills validation and onboarding - enabling Hi-Def Digital Recruiting

"HireVue has completely reinvented and modernized the way we recruit talent."  

-Robert Mader

Senior Recruitment Manager, The North West Company


Hi-Def Digital

Super-charge the way you work with video, social, and mobile enriched interactions, “on demand.” Unlike static analog processes, users can record, view, and rate interviews anytime, anywhere—doubling productivity and slashing cycle times in half.

High Quality

Improve consistency and speed while making more informed, “data-driven” decisions. Digital interactions remove variability and ambiguity while video delivers a more personalized user experience than a traditional paper-based recruiting process.

High Touch Experience

Increase the number and type of personal interactions you have in the recruiting process. Bring static profiles, resumes, and forms to life with video-enriched interaction and collaboration. Users can rapidly assess, share, and validate critical skills and abilities through more personalized interactions.

Powerful Insights

Turn interactions into intelligence. Structured ratings, feedback and collaboration enable a newfound ability to make data-driven decisions based on digital insights and analytics.

Vivid Brand Experience

Deliver a consistent and personalized brand experience that’s worth talking about. Customized email, mobile, social, and video UIs enable increased exposure, consistency, and understanding of your brand amongst candidates and employees.


HireVue supplements and modernizes your existing technology systems so that you can get more value out of them. Our network of API’s, integrations, and partners enables a quick and easy setup with a frictionless experience.

Reliable Expertise

Poor adoption is the primary cause of failed software deployments. HireVue has a team of more than 100 digital recruiting experts, many who are seasoned recruiting and HR professionals and a customer community that offers unique guidance, advice, and best practices. Our experienced team of consultants, customer success managers, technical experts, and certified support professionals ensure you are successful.

Safe, Secure & Reliable

Built for the enterprise and used by businesses of all sizes, HireVue provides a secure and reliable platform that meets compliance and regulatory requirements. Eliminate risk and sleep well tonight with the world’s safest talent interaction platform.

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What is HireVue

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