Social Selling on Twitter: 7 Easy Steps to Create Lead Generation

Contrary to what you may think, Twitter is NOT dead. In fact, it is one of the most popular ways to use social selling to generate leads. Millions of followers browse Twitter every second and you are missing out on a powerful lead generating tool if you're not one of them. Here are some ways to effectively use Twitter as a lead generator.

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posted on- October 30, 2014   /   posted by- HireVue

From Startups to Enterprises: A Startup’s Guide to Hiring Top Talent

Bad hires happen, but the smaller the company, the bigger the issue. The employees you start your business with help you establish a company culture and are instrumental in steering your business where you want it to go. They will have a large impact on your company's future, making it essential to hire smart. Below are three traits Mark Newman, Founder & CEO of HireVue, recommends.

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posted on- October 29, 2014   /   posted by- Emily Hatch

5 Personality Traits That Lead to Successful Selling

Not everyone is cut out to be in a sales role. Most salespeople constantly hear the word "no" and often deal with people who, frankly, would rather not be talking to them. Succeeding in this position requires certain personality traits that not everyone has. Here are five of the most critical traits any salespeople need for success.

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posted on- October 28, 2014   /   posted by- HireVue

Technical Recruiting for Newbs

The recruiting process requires different techniques for different industries -- that is especially true for technical recruiting. Both employers and employees in this field have a very different set of standards that recruiters must live up to. The process can be challenging for those new to technical recruiting, but industry veterans have some advice that will pave the way for your success.

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posted on- October 23, 2014   /   posted by- HireVue

Looking for an Employee With Just the Right Personality? 5 Tips for Hiring For Cultural Fit

Hiring an employee who is a team player is critical for business success. However, pinpointing that quality isn’t easy for hiring managers. The process relies less on evaluating technical skills and more on evaluating the cultural fit. There are five key areas that ensure a candidate will incorporate seamlessly into a business’s workforce.

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posted on- October 22, 2014   /   posted by- HireVue