15,000 Attributes. 100,000X More Data Than a Resume.

The Power to Predict Top Performers

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to take a ton of information—say, data from more than 3 million interviews—and turn it into something that predicts which candidates will be your top performers? Yeah, we thought so, too. Introducing HireVue Insights™, a data-driven recommendation engine that unleashes the power of big data to help reduce the guesswork of finding the best talent. Not only will Insights optimize your hiring process, it also rates interviewers to help identify the all-star recruiters and hiring managers on your team.

People are who they are, not what they write

Give candidates a voice.  Beyond profile information, HireVue Insights analyzes actual candidate interactions and matches them to your current top performers - considering over 100,000 times more data than a resume or online profile - all within the context of your organization, your positions, and your feedback. It gets smarter over time to become your own personal data-driven hiring model. 


Let Insights do the heavy lifting

Get to the best candidates, faster.  HireVue Insights compares more than 15,000 interaction, behavioral, and performance attributes such as attitude, engagement, word choice, and operational performance outcomes to predict which candidates are likely to be top performers. Insights also helps you spot high-potential talent often overlooked by traditional recruiting methods. 


Batter up: Your best team players

Decide who interviews. Which team members are hitting home runs? And who's striking out? Like a batting average for recruiters and hiring managers, Insights rates your interviewers based on historic candidate recommendation and performance data. 


Give hidden talent a chance

Level the playing field for candidates.  Did you know the average job opening receives about 100 applicants, yet less than six percent are called back for an interview, regardless of their skills or qualifications? Insights levels the playing field by using data science to recommend which candidates might be the best fit for your company. Give otherwise overlooked talent the chance to tell their stories.


Improve credibility with data

Add data to intuition. HireVue Insights isn't a replacement for skilled hiring managers or recruiters. Rather, it uses data to support the process and better align the internal hiring team. Use internal and third-party evaluation data to guide your interviewers' intuitions and make more data-driven decisions.


Take a peek into Iris™

Insights is powered by HireVue Iris™, a proprietary deep-learning analytics engine that uses the power of big data to predict candidates who might perform the best. Just like Amazon, Netflix, and Pandora use complex algorithms to make book, movie, and music recommendations based on user history, Iris sources information from our database of more than 3 million interview responses to help assess how a candidate might stack up to your organization’s top performers.


See it to believe it.