Don’t just attract. Interact.

We’ve entered the modern age of recruiting, folks. It’s fast, it’s digital, it’s interactive. And our Talent Interaction Platform is at the center of it all. With HireVue, you do more than just attract—you interact with talent through a rich, hi-def, branded experience. This is interviewing like you never dreamed possible.


Take the Guesswork Out of Hiring

Crystal balls don’t work, and hunches aren’t reliable. Thankfully, there’s HireVue Insights™. For the first time ever, you can harness the power of big data to predict who will be the right candidate for the job. Insights sources nearly 15,000 interaction, behavioral, and performance attributes to show how candidates stack up to the top performers in your organization. It also scores interviewers based on ratings and performance outcomes to help identify the all-star talent recruiters on your team. 

  • Powered by a database of more than 3 million interview responses
  • Reduces guesswork, helps you find the best candidate faster
  • Levels the playing field for candidates, gives often overlooked talent a chance

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161% Increase in Candidate Conversion Rate


Don’t Just Find More Candidates, Find the Best

Engage prospective candidates through email, employee referrals, search engines, and social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Applicants can introduce themselves through video-enriched communications that give you an immediate sense of their personality and drive. Whether you’re sourcing for full-time, part-time, or independent contractor positions, HireVue makes it faster and easier to create a great pool of prospects.

  • Extend and focus your outreach with social media
  • Introduce applicants to your brand
  • Connect with more candidates and engage passive ones
  • Source full-time, part-time, and independent contractors in any industry


Screen People, Not Resumes

Bring candidates to life. View, rate, and share On-Demand Digital Interviews anytime from any device. Analyze skills, get insight into personalities and cultural fit, and capture feedback and analysis in a standardized process. Rate and share promising candidates to secure buy-in from team members and hiring managers. You’ll screen more people in less time, gain deeper insights, and make more informed hiring decisions. 

  • Enhance or replace resumes and phone screens
  • Screen more applicants in less time
  • Make faster, better-informed hiring decisions


Get Personal Before You Get Up and Close

Connect with candidates remotely through real-time video conferencing. We’re talking face-to-face interviews using your smartphone, tablet, or webcam. Use digital interview guides, real-time rating and evaluation tools, and multi-user panel interviews to maximize the value of your live interviews. You can even record them to share with other team members. You’ll save time and money by assessing candidates before bringing them in for face-to-face meetings. 

  • Promote team collaboration
  • Capture real-time feedback
  • Support compliance
  • Reduce travel costs and save time 


Don’t Tell Me What You Can Do. Show Me!

Give candidates the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and capabilities in any industry or profession with scenario-based questions, images, video, and work samples. Want to see how a prospective doctor analyzes x-rays? HireVue can do that. Or how an engineer would solve coding challenges? We’ve got that covered, too. In fact, our platform can tailor validation tests to any industry, any application. You’ll know if a candidate measures up to the job early in the screening process, saving you valuable time and money.

  • Eliminate interview labs and white boarding exercises
  • Use quantitative information to hire the right applicant
  • Review, validate, and share with team members 


Take the Stress Out of Scheduling

Did one of your interviewers run late or cancel? Or do you need to coordinate eight calendars for a candidate interview? Stop stressing. We make it easy with our sophisticated rules-based solution that assesses schedules, location availability, interview priority, and sequencing to coordinate and fix your calendar in seconds. 

  • Integrates with Outlook/Exchange, Gmail, and other calendars
  • Administrative controls for managing user, team, and group access and permissions
  • Makes scheduling—and rescheduling, and rescheduling—interviews easy


Let’s go places together.

Hey, where you headed? Take us with you! Whether you’re cruising on a 737 or just waiting in line for your latte, our mobile apps allow you to unleash all the power of HireVue wherever you are, on any device, anytime. Candidates can submit digital interviews from any smartphone or tablet while managers and recruiters can watch, rate, and share videos on-the-go. It’s not just mobile. It’s mobile done right. Download our mobile apps now for iPhone, iPad, or Android.

60+ Mobile Candidate Experience Ranking (NPS®)

Reporting & Analytics

Knowledge is Power.

Analytic types, gather ‘round! HireVue’s dashboards are the better way to track your recruiting processes. Our dashboards are made for the every-day user - easier to analyze and faster than ever to filter candidate and evaluator activity in real-time and raw downloadable form. Assess how candidates are flowing through the interview process with detailed reports like average completion time, candidate origin, and interview status. With Reporting & Analytics, you can also track evaluator performance with metrics such as average time to evaluate and average rating given. 

  • New reporting dashboards include Interviews, Evaluations, and Position Funnel
  • On-screen reports show candidate and evaluator activity
  • Downloadable in CSV and other formats 

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