The need for highly technical talent exists where you’d least expect it – from banks and retailers to healthcare providers and even school districts – more and more, the global economy functions on the backs of IT professionals. The challenge lies in identifying and then being able to properly evaluate that talent, especially when recruiters and HR people are typically not-so-tech-savvy.

So how to connect developers, programmers and other high tech talent with the best jobs out there and more importantly — how to evaluate their skills and overall ability to do the job?

Solving the issue is HireVue, the leading on-demand digital interviewing platform provider, has acquired CodeEval, whose software solutions help employers identify and evaluate technical talent. 

Through HireVue’s existing digital interview platform, employers are able to review candidates on-demand before they come in for time-consuming, and often costly in-person interviews. With the addition of CodeEval, HireVue will offer a fully integrated technical tool to find and assess IT professionals by giving the employer the ability to create programming and coding challenges as part of the interview and evaluation process.

Awesome Developers, Meet Awesome Opportunity

HireVue & CodeEval allow developers to showcase their skills, find cool jobs, and put good people to good work!

If + How

Don’t judge a book! Quickly determine “if” candidates can code - as well as “how” they code; while gaining quicker insights into their thought process and skill sets, behaviors and broader abilities critical to the job.

Evaluations… Made Easy

Not so techie? CodeEval takes the guesswork that happens when a technical recruiter is, uh… not actually technical.

Winner! App Building Contest

Got prizes!? Create app building competitions with cash and prizes – promote them to your social networks, passive candidate list, and the CodeEval developer community.

Programing Challenge

Solve the puzzle? Create private programming and coding challenges as part of your current interview and evaluation process.

Employment Branding

Build buzz!  Enhance your brand by launching coding competitions as a means to get introduced to the best developers.

Technical Screening

Pass or Fail?  Even the technically illiterate can now review programming results based on accuracy, creativity, timeliness and authenticity.

Social Sourcing

Relationships matter! Publish coding competitions with prizes and leaderboards to social networks, corporate career sites, job boards and private talent communities.


  • 13 Programming Languages
  • Create Private Challenges
  • Choose Knowledgebase Challenges
  • Create Public Challenges
  • Invite Candidates
  • Social Sharing
  • Coding Evaluation
  • Cheating/Plagiarism Detection
  • Dashboard Summary
  • Public Profiles
  • Open Competitions
  • Developer Community