Technical Recruiting Made Easy.

Replace whiteboard exercises, blind interviews & unvalidated code samples.

CodeVue removes the guesswork from technical recruiting with a library of coding questions, challenges and contests that allow candidates to demonstrate their ability to work in technical interviews.

Responses are automatically validated and scored – no whiteboards, in-person coding screens or computer science degree required. It’s IT staffing made so easy, even recruiters can assess coding capabilities before wasting your time.

Simply review the results from your technical interviews, including coding challenge score details, raw and executed code, as well as video responses to behavioral-based interview questions - all on demand. No scheduling, phone tag or premature “blind” interviews.

Interview responses, code samples and scores can be shared with other members of the hiring and IT recruitment team for rapid collaboration, feedback and data-driven decisions. All on their own time without disrupting their day jobs.

How It works:

  • Select coding challenges & interview questions in CodeVue.
  • Invite candidates to participate on their own time. No sick day required!
  • Candidates code directly in CodeVue.
  • Candidates record video explanations of their work & any additional questions.
  • CodeVue runs & scores code based on quality and efficiency.
  • Review coding scores & video interview responses on your own time.
  • Rapidly rate talent based on code, character and cultural fit.