Selling Digital Recruiting to an “Old School” Manager

Do you love the idea of a digital recruiting strategy? Do you understand the productivity, efficiency and cost savings it provides? Would you like the convenience of a mobile application that allows you to rate and share candidate interviews on the go? So, there's only one problem- your manager has been in the HR industry since dinosaurs ruled the earth and they don't see the value of a digital strategy.

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posted on- December 18, 2014   /   posted by- HireVue

The Science of Hiring with Big Data

Most people are skeptical of using big data when it comes to hiring. It's hard to understand how a person can be measured and analyzed. In addition, change in any organization takes times, patience, and a new way of thinking. Will big data be a new era of recruiting? Is the traditional method of recruiting, interviewing and hiring obsolete?

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posted on- December 12, 2014   /   posted by- HireVue

A Recruiter’s Guide to Veteran Hiring - Five Steps

Are you clients engaged in veteran hiring? The challenges veterans are facing in finding employment has been highlighted repeatedly in the media this past year. In fact, currently the unemployment rate among US veterans is 9%, compared to 6.7% for civilians. As employers become more knowledgable on this issue, they may desire new strategies and procedures to seek out unemployed veterans.

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posted on- December 11, 2014   /   posted by- HireVue

Customer Highlight: GE Conquers Global Recruiting & Revolutionizes Candidate Experience

As a multinational conglomerate,
 GE operates in over 160 countries and employs more than 300,000 across the world. One of the largest firms on the Fortune 500, GE operates across a number of sectors, including Energy, Capital Finance, Healthcare, Technology, Infrastructure, Industrial and Consumer. “GE is a company of ideas. A place where ideas are nurtured and grow into beautiful things that make the world work better.” Learn how Shahbaz Alibaig, Recruitment Technology Manager, conquered global recruiting and revolutionized candidate experience.

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posted on- December 09, 2014   /   posted by- HireVue