Applying for a Job? Don’t Be Another Social Media Failure!

Last week we saw a major social media fail come from a candidate who had just interviewed for a job. She tweeted that she had interviewed using HireVue and that she thought it went well and really needed the job. Her Twitter profile picture was a “selfie” of her giving the bird.

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posted on- September 25, 2014   /   posted by- HireVue

Video Interviewing: 5 Reasons Skype Won’t Scale

We know what you’re thinking - we (HireVue) can’t stand Skype. But really, we actually think Skype is pretty cool. It’s an awesome way to stay connected with friends and family on a peer-to-peer network around the world—for free. You know the old adage “you get what you pay for”? Skype was created as a means to help people stay connected over the Internet and avoid large long distance charges – that’s it! It was never intended to be an enterprise solution for companies small and large to hold game changing meetings that would affect the future of their business.

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posted on- September 10, 2014   /   posted by- HireVue

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