The Incredible Fit (Predicting your next hire with HireVue) Changing the Rules of the Game…Again

When we first started HireVue, the idea of having job candidates interview via webcam was ahem…foreign at best. Frankly people thought we were crazy. We sold two (2) interviews our first year. Today at HireVue, we capture millions of responses to interview questions for the largest companies in the world all of whom have converted and joined the talent interaction religion. It’s a lot of fun. However…the mission has not been accomplished.

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posted on- July 23, 2014   /   posted by- Mark Newman

Why Consistent Customer Support Matters

Come crunch time, a winning coach chooses a player who consistently kicks field goals rather than one whose performance is hit-or-miss. Your customers do the same. Fail to give them what they are looking for during every interaction and you could find yourself sitting on the sidelines. Consistent customer support benefits you and your customers in several ways.

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posted on- July 21, 2014   /   posted by- HireVue

The ExpertVue

Make Social Media Work for Your Hiring Process

Just how effective a recruiting tool is social media? The Hard Rock Cafe used Facebook to hire 120 people in just 30 days. Yes, 120 people in 30 days. That's not a typo. Results like this make it easy to see why you need to log on and start putting social media to work for you.

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posted on- July 18, 2014   /   posted by- HireVue

Social Media

How To Have A Performance Conversation With An Employee

My 11 year-old daughter recently presented my wife and I with a fashion show for a wedding the family was attending. She modeled a few dresses for us and on the third one, appeared wearing shoes with 4 inch heels (!). My initial reaction was “whoa!” and I wanted to say, “no you can’t wear heels that high!” But that’s not how I let the conversation progress. As a parent, you have responsibility to share good feedback, sound reasoning and give guidance towards a better outcome. The same holds true in our professional lives.

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posted on- July 15, 2014   /   posted by- Jim Nesbitt