Looking for an Employee With Just the Right Personality? 5 Tips for Hiring For Cultural Fit

Hiring an employee who is a team player is critical for business success. However, pinpointing that quality isn’t easy for hiring managers. The process relies less on evaluating technical skills and more on evaluating the cultural fit. There are five key areas that ensure a candidate will incorporate seamlessly into a business’s workforce.

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posted on- October 22, 2014   /   posted by- HireVue

Find Your Fit: The Perfect Job Requires the Right Connection

Finding a job in today’s market can be tough even if your resume is polished and you ace the interview. Rather than getting discouraged by the lengthy hiring process, turn your post-interview stress into fuel for getting the job you really want. Are you wondering how to boost your chances after speaking with a job recruiter? Then read on for some tips for enticing a recruiter and landing the perfect position.

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posted on- October 17, 2014   /   posted by- HireVue

Top 10 Dreamforce Sessions You Can’t Miss

Are you attending Dreamforce 2014 next week? With over 1,400 sessions, Dreamforce is four days of super-concentrated learning, networking, and a whole lot of fun. Are you ready? Here are our top 10 sessions you can't miss!

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posted on- October 09, 2014   /   posted by- HireVue