HireVue for Validation

Don’t Tell Me, Show Me.

Analogue recruiting processes are static and inefficient. Bringing a candidate in for a skills assessment means pulling senior team members off of assignments and tying them up for testing and white boarding exercises. That’s a lot of resources invested up front for candidates who all too often don’t have what it takes. With HireVue, recruiters can use scenario based questions, images, video, and work samples to assess candidate knowledge and capabilities—even for specific industries or professions like software engineers, healthcare and manufacturing. Team members can quickly review test results, validate skills in simulated environments, and share the results with others.


Get deep insight into advanced knowledge and hard skills through scenario-based assessments

Eliminate interview labs and white boarding exercises that require senior team members

Know what applicants are capable of before spending more time and resources on them

Build a case with quantitative information and justify your decision to move forward with an applicant


“We have seen a dramatic drop in our turnover rate since going digital with HireVue. We attribute this to a much better vetting process, and the ability to have more visibility into a candidate’s communication style, cultural fit, and skills, earlier on in the process. This has translated into a better quality of hire for us at Power Design as well, which gives us a leg up against the competition.”

- Tyson Conrad

Head of Staffing, Power Design