HireVue for Sourcing

Never Miss a Great Candidate Again.

Social media is all the rage but it’s not a fad—it’s the new way people spend their time online and communicate. HireVue enables you to source candidates through focused and highly productive email and employee referral campaigns, geo-location push-notification, search engine campaigns, and social channels including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. It engages candidates, presents your customized brand experience, and allows them to introduce themselves and tell their story using mobile, digital, and video technologies. HireVue extends and focuses your sourcing efforts so you’ll always get the best candidates for the job.

Use social media to extend and focus your outreach

Don’t just find more candidates, find the best

Introduce applicants to your brand

Connect with more candidates and engage passive ones


“We are getting 3X the amount of candidates in our pipeline than before HireVue. The more candidates we can get in our pipe, the better chance we have of finding the right person. HireVue is a digital talent pool at our fingertips, which has been invaluable.”


Senior Recrutiment Manager, The North West Company


"Our biggest recruiting challenge is to find experts who have the right skills to perform highly complex, technical installations on a high rise building project – and fast. It can be somewhat of a needle in a haystack problem"


Head of Staffing, Power Design


"We recruit for very specialized, hard to fill positions, and HireVue has definitely given us an advantage in our recruiting strategy by allowing us to reach those candidates quickly – anywhere, anytime – all while reinforcing our employment brand."


Director of Talent Acquisition, HealthSouth


"Digital interviews remove scheduling headaches and allow me to hone in on the right candidates quickly. In fact, I cut sourcing time by 50% and hired a candidate in just 1 week with HireVue!"




"I was able to cut sourcing time by 50-70% and hire 8 tellers in 3 weeks!"


Banking Industry


"With HireVue, I was able to recruit globally to staff locally in Warsaw. We were looking for experienced engineers that just weren't available in Poland. HireVue was a great, easy to use tool for us to interview candidates from India, Spain, Malaysia, and Mexico. Using HireVue was the only way we could have made this possible."  


Center of Excellence, Warsaw, Poland - Fortune 10 Manufacturer


"I was able to cut sourcing time by 50-70% and hire 8 tellers in 3 weeks!"


Fortune 500 Retail Bank