HireVue for Screening

Screen People, Not Resumes.

Every candidate has a story to tell...where they’ve been, what they’ve done, and why they’re the one for the job. There’s no way to tell that story on a paper resume but digital interviews bring candidates to life, giving them a way to distinguish themselves and providing you with deep insight into their personalities, ability to present themselves, and potential cultural fit in the organization. HireVue’s digital interviews can be sent directly or through ATS and CRM systems. They standardize the interview process and provide every candidate with the same questions to keep the process fair and help meet regulatory requirements. Recruiters and team members can view, rate, and share interviews anytime, anywhere, from any device; capture team feedback with reporting and analysis; and make data driven decisions.


Replaces or enhances resume & phone screens

Screen more applicants in less time

Get buy-in from team members and hiring managers

Make better/faster/more informed decisions with insight



“Because we are able to watch the candidate interviews early in the process with HireVue, we get a better idea if the candidate is a good fit. This has greatly helped improve the quality of candidates we hire, because we have better insights, early in the recruiting process."  

- Human Resources Leadership Program Lead, Mexico City

Fortune 10 Manafacturer 



"Typically it would have taken me 2 hours to screen 10 candidates. Now, I'm able to screen much faster and see more candidates because I can go right to a knockout question and determine whether or not that candidate is a good fit. In fact, using HireVue, I was able to hire 8 tellers in 3 weeks! I also love being able to review candidate interviews at night from home. This, combined with an elimination of scheduling and admin work, has allowed me to be more strategic in my approach."

- Sales Recruiter

Fortune 100 Financial Services Congolmerate



With HireVue, we know early in the interview that we don’t have a match or the candidate is not the right fit. If a candidate doesn’t meet the needs of an urban school district, for example, the committee can easily move on to the next candidate without having to sit through an entire interview.”

- Recruiter

Austin Independent School District




"With HireVue, I was able to improve my sourcing capacity and screen 30% faster!"

- Sales and Management Recruiter

Financial Services Industry