HireVue for Live Video Interviewing

Get Personal, Before You Get Up & Close.

Using HireVue’s sourcing, screening, and assessment tools allows recruiters to quickly hone in on the best candidates. But before flying those candidates into town and arranging meetings with key staff members, they can narrow the pool a bit further and save everyone (including candidates) some time. Live interviews provide a safe and secure way to meet candidates using online video conferencing. Digital interview guides, real-time questions and probes, real-time rating and evaluation tools, and multi-user panel interviews increase the value of live interviews. Recording, capturing feedback, and sharing them with other team members adds value and supports compliance. HireVue makes it easier for everyone and includes phone integration for low-bandwidth situations and live technical support for candidates, recruiters, and managers.


Get deeper insight into a candidate’s personality, abilities, and potential cultural fit

Promote team collaboration and get buy-in by recording and sharing live interviews

Make data driven decisions by using digital interview guides and capturing feedback in real-time

Get a higher quality candidate assessment with live validated questions

Save money and time by reducing travel and one-on-one onsite meetings


Today, if a final in-person interview goes bad between a client and candidate, we don’t have any real insight as to why. With HireVue Live recorded interviews, we will get more insight into the final interview, what happened, and why it may not have been a good fit.” 

-Tony Morrison

COO, Zylun