Hi-Def Digital Recruiting

High-Quality, High-Touch.

Boost recruiter productivity up to 100% 

Double manager satisfaction

Cut vacancy time up to 50%

Expand candidate reach by 30%

96% Candidate Satisfaction

Is your recruiting process stuck in 1999 – stalled by resumes, phone tag and uncomfortable “blind” interviews?

HireVue helps you bring recruiting into the 21st century with hi-def digital recruiting.  Our talent interaction platform combines video, social and mobile technology, allowing “high-quality high-touch” recruiting – at the speed, quality and consistency of digital. HireVue augments existing applicant tracking, talent management and social applications - boosting speed, productivity and decision-making by delivering high-definition clarity into people’s character, cultural fit, personality, and potential.  The platform includes:

Sourcing - Branded social media and digital campaigns help modernize employment branding, extend sourcing reach, engage passive candidates, and meet higher quality applicants. HireVue has a joint collaboration with LinkedIn that lets customers view LinkedIn profile information directly from within the Talent Interaction Platform, and makes it easier for candidates to register for their HireVue interview using their LinkedIn profile.

Screening - Quickly screen more candidates in less time and get deeper insight early in the process with on demand digital interviews. Secure buy-in from team members and hiring managers by rating, comparing and sharing only the best candidates. HireVue is pre-integrated with more than a dozen existing recruiting platforms.

Validation - Finally, a way to validate candidates’ ability to work during the recruiting process - before putting them in front of senior staff. HireVue’s multi-media questions, tests, and industry-specific evaluation tools perform deeper capabilities assessments and pose real-life scenarios to effectively evaluate skills.

Interviewing - Bring in only the best candidates for final rounds after validating skills, capabilities and cultural fit with live online interviews, questions and probes. Live video and panel interview tools enhance the experience, allow for deeper insights, and can be recorded and shared with the hiring team.

Onboarding - Allow candidates to introduce themselves and get to know new team members beyond words on a resume or online profiles. Video-enriched profiles allow deeper insight and collaboration before day one.  Additionally, HireVue has an integration with Salesforce, allowing customers to access HireVue onboarding videos directly from Salesforce Chatter and Work.com.

"HireVue has completely reinvented and modernized the way we recruit talent."  


Senior Recruitment Manager, The North West Company


HireVue has really helped us become more strategic in our recruitment process by giving us much more insights into a candidate earlier in the process, and ultimately focusing our time on the right candidates. Time is money in our business, and we’ve seen dramatic impacts to our bottom line as a result.”     


Head of Staffing, Power Design


“At the end of the day, we are focused on growing our business quickly, while scaling at the same time. HireVue is helping us handle double and triple the output while not increasing the size of our staff. We will continue to save money, even as the volume of hires increases for us, thanks in part to HireVue.”


CEO, Zylun