Recruiting is about people. Over the years, technologies have been introduced to address compliance regulations and increase automation and productivity. Most of these technologies dehumanize candidates, reducing the quality and quantity of personal interactions recruiters have with them. At many companies, the human element has all but disappeared from the recruitment lifecycle.

HireVue makes recruiting personal again. Through social, mobile, and video enriched workplace interactions, our talent interaction platform lets people tell their story and demonstrate their abilities, enabling high-touch collaboration and insight.

Our platform is built with enterprise-grade security and provides a great user experience across desktop and mobile environments so recruiters can work anytime, anywhere, from any device—all at the speed, quality, and consistency of digital.

For companies that have invested in ATS, talent management, and CRM solutions, HireVue augments these systems, enabling them to leverage the technology they already have while bringing personal interactions back into the equation.

VPs and talent tzars love us too because we make recruiting more productive and cost effective. With our talent interaction platform, recruiters can source through social media, use digital interviews to screen more candidates faster, rate and share them with colleagues, qualify applicants with tangible scenarios? and assessments, and hold live interviews to make the introduction in (sort of) real life.

By introducing meaningful and effective interactions at each stage in the recruitment process, HireVue enables team collaboration and helps recruiters refine their searches, quickly hone in on the best candidates, and focus their time and resources on the best—and only the best—ones.

Welcome to HireVue.